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Peter Lepping

Member, CFMHAS

Consultant Psychiatrist

MRCPsych, MSc
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

01978 726 752

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I am a clinical psychiatrist and researcher who was appointed as Consultant Psychiatrist in Wrexham in 2004.  I was brought up in Germany where I went to University in Münster (Westphalia). I decided to study medicine after my positive experiences working as an auxiliary nurse as part of my national service (instead of joining the army). I moved to Britain in 1995 and did my postgraduate psychiatric education in and around Liverpool. I have always had an interest in the interface between psychiatry and medicine and obtained accreditation as an adult and a liaison psychiatrist. I received a Masters in Medical Ethics from Liverpool University in 2003 and won several research prizes.  I worked as an Associate Medical Director for clinical ethics in North Wales for several years.

My consultant job took me to Wales where I cover a catchment area of about 24,000 adults in Wrexham including some of the most deprived areas in Wales. I lead a clinic for delusional infestation with the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool. For some years I co-ran a specialist clinic for adults with ADHD in the Wrexham area.  My clinical inspiration is to work with my team to make a positive difference in the lives of those who suffer from severe mental illness.

My job allows me some time for research, and I have developed links with Bangor and Cardiff Universities as well as the Mysore Medical College and Research Institute in India. I have been a member of the European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group (EViPRG) since 2005.  EViPRG is a network of international experts who work in the field of coercion and violence with the aim to reduce coercive measures and aggression in medical settings. My research interests include coercion, violence and aggression, clinical ethics, systematic reviews and various other projects. I am an international expert on delusional infestation. I have conducted many international comparison studies between various countries in the field of coercion. More recently I have started to get involved in research projects in India looking at systematic reviews, ethics, human rights and violence prevention.

I am on the steering group of the GMHAT, an international computerised mental health assessment tool developed by Professor Vimal Sharma (Chester University). It allows non-psychiatric clinicians to make working psychiatric diagnoses. The instrument has become particularly popular in countries with few psychiatric staff and is available in many languages.

I have contributed to a number of books and published 160 research articles (update October 2016, h-index: 23; g-index: 38; 1759 citations; 79.95 cites/year; 129 cites each for 2 most cited publications, first publication in 1999).  I currently work as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Wrexham and Honoray Professor at Bangor University, North Wales, and Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, India. Since 2009 I have worked closely with Professor Rob Poole and Professor Catherine Robinson in the Centre for Mental Health and Society.


Consultant Psychiatrist, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Honorary Professor at Bangor University, North Wales and Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, India

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Associate Medical Director for Ethics, Capacity and Consent, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Visiting Professor, Glyndŵr University


Journal articles

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