ORRELL Alison Research Fellow

Alison Orrell


Research Fellow, All Wales Academic Social Care Research Collaboration

School of Health Sciences, Bangor University

01248 388788

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Alison joined the School of Social Sciences in 2013 as a member of the All Wales Academic Social Care Research Collaboration (ASCC).  She has previously held positions in the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield and before that in the Department of Health Sciences, University of York. 

Alison’s main research interests include: ageing and quality of life, environment and well-being, health and social care interface and research methodologies in social care. 

Her current research within the School and with ASCC is focused on utilising routine anonymised data to explore health and social care service use. 


Research Fellow, All Wales Academic Social Care Research Collaboration, School of Health Sciences, Bangor University


Journal articles

Orrell, A., McKee, K., Dahlberg, L., Gilhooly, M., & Parker, S.  Improving continence services for older people from the service-providers’ perspective: a qualitative interview studyBMJ Open 2013;3:e002926.doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002926

Orrell, A., McKee, K., Torrington, J., Barnes, S., Darton, D., Netten, A., & Lewis, A. (2013).  The relationship between building design and residents’ quality of life in extra care housing schemes.  Health & Place, 21, 52-64.

Barnes, S., Torrington, J., Darton, R., Holder, J., Lewis, A., McKee, K., Netten, A., & Orrell, A. (2012).  Does the design of extra-care housing meet the needs of the residents? A focus group study.  Ageing & Society, 32(7), 1193-1214.

Lewis, A., Torrington, J., Barnes, S., Holder, J., McKee, K., Netten, A., & Orrell, A. (2010).  “EVOLVE”: A tool for evaluating the design of older people’s housing.  Housing Care & Support, 13(3), 36-41.

Orrell, A.J., Masters, R.S.W., & Eves, F.F. (2009).  Reinvestment and movement disruption following stroke.  Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 23(2), 177-183.

Orrell, A., Doherty, P., Coulton, S., Miles, J., Stamatakis, E., & Lewin, R. (2007).  Failure to validate the Health Survey for England physical activity module in a cardiac population.  Health Policy, 2-3, 262-268.

Orrell, A., Doherty, P., Miles, J., & Lewin, R. (2007).  Development and validation of a very brief questionnaire measure of physical activity in adults with coronary heart disease.  European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation, 14(5), 615-623.

Orrell, A.J., Eves, F.F., Masters, R.S.W., & MacMahon, K.M.M. (2007).  Implicit sequence learning processes after unilateral stroke.  Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 17(3), 335-354.

Orrell, A.J., Eves, F.F., & Masters, R.S.W. (2006).  Motor learning of a dynamic balancing task after stroke: implicit implications for stroke rehabilitationPhysical Therapy, 86(3), 369-380.

Orrell, A.J., Eves, F.F., & Masters, R.S.W. (2006).  Implicit motor learning of a balancing task.  Gait & Posture, 23(1), 9-16.

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Research Interests
  • Ageing and quality of life
  • Environment and well-being
  • Health and social care interface
  • Research methodologies in social care
Current project

Data linkage in Social Care: A Pilot Project – funded by NISCHR (2013-2015)

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Orrell, A.J., Powell, L.A., & Mawson, S. (2013).  Are you ‘Ready, Steady, Go?’: Development of a telehealth implementation toolkit.  Third Annual International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare, The King’s Fund, London, July 1 – July 3.
Orrell, A.J., McKee, K.J., & Parker, S.G. (2012).  Improving continence services for older people.  An evaluation of health professionals’ views and experiences of continence management and service characteristics for older people with urinary incontinence,  11th IFA Global Conference on Ageing, Prague, May 28 – June 1.
Orrell, A., Barnes, S., Darton, R., Holder, J., Lewis, A., McKee, K., Netten, A., & Torrington J. (2009).  The Design of Extra Care Housing: Meeting the UK National Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Society?  XIX IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Paris, July 5-9.
Orrell, A.J., & Lewis, A. (2008).  Development of an assessment tool for the evaluation of extra care housing design.  British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference, Bristol, September 4-6.
Orrell, A.J. (2007).  ‘A Study Evaluating Physical Activity in the Sedentary Cardiac Patient’.  Key note speaker British Cardiovascular Society Annual Scientific Conference, Glasgow, June 4-7.
Orrell, A.J., Eves, F.F., & Masters, R.S.W. (2002) ‘Reinvestment’ in Stroke.  3rd World Congress in Neurological Rehabilitation, Venice, April 2-6

External PhD examiner for Hong Kong University

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